Tips for Helping Your Horse Settle into A New Barn

Portable Horse Barns for Sale in TexasMoving into a new home is stressful for anyone. The process itself requires a lot of work, then it takes a few weeks to acclimatize to your new place before you really start to feel at home again. For a horse moving to a new barn, the experience is very similar.

Moving between boarding barns, from a facility to a new barn on your property, or just from an old backyard barn you’ve replaced with a new one can be taxing for your horse. To make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible for them, use these tips below to help your horse get settled in their new space!

Get organized before moving day.

The last thing you want the morning of your horse’s barn move is to be rushing around trying to gather what you need. Avoid getting a chaotic start by packing all important supplies ahead of time and making a checklist of last-minute items and tasks to follow. If you’re stressed on moving day, your horse will sense it and be nervous too.

Explore the new barn with your horse.

Even if you’re just moving your horse to a new barn on the same property, there will be new smells and sights for them to get used to. Walk them through and around the new structure, so they can get familiar with the change in environment with your presence there to comfort them. Then, let them spend a few hours in their stall settling into their new home.

Keep to the same routine.

Maintaining your horse’s normal routine as closely as possible will help ease the transition to their new barn. Keep to a similar feeding, grooming, and exercise schedule. If they’re coming from a boarding facility and you will be making changes, do it slowly, allowing them time to adjust. If you’re switching their water source and feed, bring some of their old supply to the new barn. Slowly mix in the new food and water over the next 7-10 days, gradually increasing the new supply. This will help prevent colic and dehydration that can often occur with food and/or water changes.

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