Tips for Riding Your Horse Alone

A solo ride can be a great way to bond with your horse, relax and let your cares slip away. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. Accidents happen, so make sure to follow these tips for riding your horse alone:

Make sure someone knows where you’re going

Leave a note at the barn or call up a friend. Include your intended route and what time you’ll be back, and call a friend to let them know you’ve arrived safely at your destination.

Wear proper safety gear

Including a well-fitting, buckled helmet and heeled riding boots.

Carry a fully charged cell phone

The phone should be on you, not in your horse’s saddlebag—after all, if you get separated, the horse isn’t going to call for help! Make sure to have a contact in your phone labeled ICE (in case of emergency), since rescue workers check specifically for this abbreviation.

Familiarize yourself with your route in advance

It helps to carry a paper map, and to be familiar with potential detours you can take if something goes wrong.

Ride a horse you trust

If you’ve got a new horse you’re still getting to know, don’t take him on a solo ride. Choose a horse whose behavior you know and trust.

Don’t overdo it

Make sure not to overtire yourself or your horse. Don’t choose a very long route or try things like jumping high fences. Take it nice and easy instead.

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