Update on New York City and Horse-Carriages

If you are familiar with Deer Creek Structures, you are surely aware how much we care about animals. We take to heart what it says in the Bible about man as caretaker. Verses like “I am putting you in charge of the fish, the birds, and all the wild animals” from Genesis cuts to the core of us, which is why we are interested in animal rights all over the country and world.

The last few months we have talked about horse carriages in New York City and how Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to pass a horse-carriage bill that would restrict the carriages to Central Park.

This would have a great effect on the city’s economy as well as its identity. When you think of New York City, especially in the wintertime, you imagine carriages rolling down the street. It is part of the city’s appeal. The proposed bill would also affect horse carriage drivers. These effects seemed to have a hit a nerve with New York City’s Council because they decided not to vote on a proposal.

Josh Dawsey and Mara Gay of The Wall Street Journal write, “The Teamsters union pulled out of the deal late Wednesday night. The decision was driven in great part by a feeling among carriage drivers that the costly stables the major had proposed for Central Park would never be built, according to people familiar with the discussions. A city official also said the stables were unlikely to ever be built.”

Although the proposed bill has been “squashed,” it surely is not the last the city will see of it. As we discussed in previous blog posts, Mayor Bill de Blasio has made the horse carriage situation in New York City a big part of his mission. We will keep you updated on the situation.