What is a Shed Row Barn?

Shed row barns are customized, modular horse barns. Their stalls or storage space align in a row, and are popular in warmer climates. For people who can’t yet afford a big, insulated barn but still want to own a horse, shed row barns are often seen as the economical way to give a horse a place to get some shade from the sun, and a place to escape from windy, rainy weather.

Typical features of shed row barns include a Dutch door per stall, a window with a window grill per stall, a partition with a heavy duty grill between stalls, kickboards, shingle roofs, gable vents, and, as a particularly smart option, an overhang, providing additional protection from the sun’s intense rays for both the horse and  owner.

You could think of shed row barns as something akin to a garage or carport for a vehicle. It’s not a huge barn, but it is functional and big enough to accommodate a horse or two or more, depending on its overall length, depth and width.

Deer Creek Structures makes both 10-foot and 12-foot shed row barns; they’re portable, so horse owners often like to utilize them at horse shows or racetracks when they’re away from their home farms.

Shed row barns also serve as storage spaces, where bales of hay can be kept out of the rain and/or food can be stored away from pests that would try to take it away from horses and livestock. Furthermore, some farmers and horse owners use their shed row barns to store their ATVs, tractors or even their cars or trucks. Shed row barns are multi-purpose.

Deer Creek Structures is a time-tested supplier of customized shed row barns in Texas and beyond. When you need a shed row barn, call Deer Creek Structures.