Wild Horses in the American Rangelands

It’s like something out of an end of the world book or movie – wild horses roaming the Western rangelands—Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and South Dakota—of the United States. This isn’t a small of horses, not by any stretch of the imagination – we’re talking 31,000 wild horses! The situation has gotten so out of the hand that the government is stepping in. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is asking landowners in those afflicted states to submit proposals to rent out pastures for the wild horses.

The problem certainly won’t solve itself, as this Yahoo News article points out – “The problem with wild horses on the range is they keep proliferating. They can double their numbers every four years.” That’s a high rate of proliferation and if the problem isn’t figured out, landowners in the Western rangelands will not be able to get a handle on it. Solutions and control methods that have been proposed include adopting younger rounded-up horses, wild-horse eco-sanctuaries, and off-range pastures.

We hope that the wild horse problem will be solved soon, in an eco-friendly manner that will help both animal and landowner alike. What do you think? And remember, if you’re looking for custom and portable horse barns, Deer Creek Structures has you covered!