3 Health Benefits of Owning a Horse

If you’re a horse lover, or just an animal lover in general, you probably don’t need another reason to add to your family of pets! There are some pretty positive health perks you might be interested to know though, when it comes to owning a horse.

Check out three ways owning and caring for a horse can be an advantage to your health and wellness so you can convince yourself—or someone else—that a horse is a wonderful investment!

Horse Barns and Stables in Texas

1.) Owning a horse keeps you active.

Being responsible for one of these gorgeous creatures is no easy task! Chances are if you’re interested in owning a horse, you’ve got some horseback riding under your belt. It’s no surprise to you then that riding is a great form of exercise that challenges you constantly. You have to continuously use your muscles to stay on and guide the horse—especially your legs and core.

If riding’s not your thing, you’ll still find yourself burning calories just from all of the care your horse requires. Regular tasks like grooming, cleaning, maintaining their living space, and other barn chores will help you work up a sweat in no time! Even simply walking out to the barn everyday is a great way to get some exercise.

2.) Improve your mental health.

Interacting with animals has been proven to reduce stress levels by decreasing blood pressure and stress hormone levels. Spending time with your horse can be a solace from the pressures and obligations of everyday life that sometimes weigh on your mind.

Owning a horse also serves as a natural mood booster! The physical activity that a horse entails, the time spent in fresh air, and the self-confidence you gain from improving riding skills and caring for another living creature all foster a positive mindset. As a bonus, the problem-solving skills and creativity you sometimes have to use to keep your horse happy and healthy will sharpen your mind too!

3.) Horses help you develop socially.

As a horse owner you’ll be able to build a meaningful connection with your animal. Regular interactions with a living creature are a fun and natural way to practice social bonding as well.

Watch your social circle grow when you get a horse of your own from forming relationships with other horse owners and lovers! You’ll meet a lot of new people as you get involved in the equine community through riding lessons, events, and other clubs and activities that bring horses and their owners together.

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