4 Ways to Make Your Barn Eco-Friendlier

Portable Horse Barns in TexasIf you’re a person who owns barn animals or runs a farm, it’s probably safe to assume you care about the environment. We have been blessed with a lot of natural beauty and resources to sustain us, so it is only right that we put in the effort to sustain them in return.

As a barn owner, there are plenty of steps you can take to make your structure and operation eco-friendlier. Here are a few suggestions for going green in your barn!

1) Switch to energy-efficient lighting.

It takes a lot of energy to keep a barn running. One simple way to reduce your energy usage without affecting your horses and other animals is to switch to sustainable lighting alternatives. Changes as small as swapping incandescent for fluorescent lighting, installing dimmers, or setting up timers will have a big impact.

2) Harvest rainwater.

Between hydrating your animals, irrigating, and cleaning your barn, you’re using a lot of water to maintain your livestock, land, and barn. Rainwater is a free and readily available water source that can be collected, stored, and used for these tasks. Set up a rainwater catchment system—something as easy as gutters and rain barrels will work—for a convenient water conservation solution.

3) Compost your manure.

Where there’s a barn, there are barn animals, and where there are barn animals, there is plenty of manure. Taking manure to the landfill creates a lot of waste and, not to mention, fuel emissions from the vehicles used to transport it. By composting and recycling your manure for your crops, pasture, garden, or to donate elsewhere, you can keep you land looking green and healthy while reducing your environmental impact.

4) Invest in a solar water heater.

Heating water for livestock is one of the most energy-consuming tasks in the barn. If you switch to a solar-powered water heater, you’ll reduce your energy consumption by as much as 60-80%! Plus, you’ll also produce 50 tons fewer of carbon dioxide of the course of the next 20 years.

One of the best ways to make your barn sustainable is to invest in one that is durable enough to use for decades to come. At Deer Creek Structures, we provide portable horse barns that fit the bill. Our prefab barns are available for quick delivery, or choose different customizations or even a custom-built structure if you need something more specific to your needs.

Contact us today to discuss which of our barn structures will be best for you and your animals!