A Festive Horse Barn

Are you sick and tired of having the same set up for Christmas lights and decorations every year?  Do you need a creative idea that will help make your property stand out during the holiday season?  If yes, and if you own a horse barn or stable, why not decorate your barn?  Taking the time to decorate your barn can symbolize how much your horses mean to you.  Horses and Christmas go together nicely together  and barns provide a unique opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit.

A Couple of Ideas

The most obvious idea for decorating your barn is to hang Christmas lights on the exterior.  The lights can add a festive glow to your property, but make sure safety comes first and turn off the lights when you are not around.  Additionally, keep the lights out of the horses reach, as you do not want them to chew on the string or the individual lights.  Other exterior decorating options could include garland, a Christmas wreath and a nativity scene.

There is also a variety of interior decorative options.  Sleigh bells on a barn stall door could remind you that Christmas is around the corner every time you go to let your horse out.  Also, why not hang stockings in the barn for your beloved horses?  Special Christmas stockings could be hung in the barn for each horse and could store special treats and gifts for the horses.  Another idea is a decorated Christmas tree.  The tree could serve as yet another reminder of the Christmas spirit, just make sure you use plastic ornaments rather than glass ornaments.  Other interior ideas include: a FAKE mistletoe above each stall, tinsel and other Christmas decorations.

If you find some extra time this holiday season, decorate your barn and show the world how important your horses are to you and your family!