Animals that Get Along Well with Horses

Horses benefit from companionship, and although they often keep each one another company, other animals can provide companionship to horses as well.

Deer Creek Structures has compiled a list of animals that get along well with horses, and are good at providing companionship to them.


Dogs make great companions for horses, especially horses who don’t love to live the solitary life. A well-trained dog can be a travel buddy as you trailer your horse from competitions, and they also make great company when you go out for a ride with your horse.

Dogs can also give your horse an added layer of protection: he’ll bark or growl when something or someone unfamiliar approaches, and in doing so can form quite a strong bond with your horse as his protector and advocate. Some breeds that are well-known for being great horse dogs include: Golden Retrievers, Australian shepherds, Dalmatians, and Australian Cattle Dogs.


You’ve all head of barn cats but do they really make good friends for your horse? As it turns out, they do! Many barn cats grow attached to their horse companions, and will keep them company in the field or in the barn.

Cats do not typically make good travel buddies though because they usually don’t want to leave the comfort of their home.

Goats and Sheep

Goats and sheep will also make good friends for your horses. Since goats and sheep graze just as horses do, the different internal parasites that they carry can actually act as a natural parasite control to keep the horses healthy. Goats will also eat the weeds and other things in the pasture that your horse won’t want to snack on so your fields will look nice and neat.

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