Bedding Choices for Horses

Bedding is an important consideration for every horse owner. Wood shavings and straw are the mainstays, but there may be other options available in some areas. No matter what you choose, the purpose of bedding is to keep your horse dry, comfortable, healthy and safe. Need some guidance choosing the right bedding for your horses? Read on.

Straw bedding

If you bed it deeply and maintain it properly, straw bedding offers a clean, dry top layer of bedding with ample cushioning underneath for maximum comfort. Although it drains well, it will not absorb urine and other liquids as well as other bedding types. Another factor to consider if you’re thinking of using straw bedding? Some horses like to eat straw, which makes it a poor choice if you need to keep your horses on a strict diet.

Wood shavings

Wood shavings are easy to find and quite popular. They have a pleasant aroma that people tend to associate with barns, and are relatively easy to clean. Be careful, however, and check which type of shavings you are getting if you buy them from a lumberyard. Walnut shavings should always be avoided, as they tend to cause health problems in horses.

Wood pellets

A newer bedding choice, some horse owners like using wood pellets because they’re compost friendly, and you don’t need to remove as much when cleaning manure.

Regardless of which type of bedding you choose, you’ll need a comfortable and secure place to house your horse. Check out Deer Creek Structures for safe, beautifully made Texas-built horse barns and run-in sheds!