Build a Horse Barn or Board Your Horses?

To build your own horse barn, or to board your horses—that is the question. It’s a tough choice, but we’re here to help you weigh the benefits of building a horse barn vs. boarding your horses.

When should you board? Here are two good reasons:

  • You don’t have enough space to build a barn on your property.
  • You have a demanding schedule and don’t have the time and/or help to properly care for your horses on a daily basis.

However, if neither of these applies to you, we suggest that you look into building your own barn. Here’s why:

Building your own barn is a simple, one-time cost

If you board your horses, you’ll have to pay steep monthly fees, plus a markup for added services like vet visits. It may cost more up front to build your own barn, but you’ll save over time. What’s more, having a barn on your property adds to its value.

When you have your own barn, you always have access to your horse

Whether you’re having a bad day and you need to see your horse, or your horse isn’t feeling well and needs extra attention, it’s easier to see and interact with your horse when he’s housed on your property.

Building your own barn means that you control your horse’s care

No matter how great your boarding service is, they don’t love your horse nearly as much as you do. When you have your own barn, you can shower your horse with love and attention, and make sure he’s cared for the way you want.

If you’ve decided to purchase a horse barn of your own, check out Deer Creek Structures. We have been crafting secure, comfortable horse barns and run-in sheds in the heart of Texas since 2005. If you have questions, contact us today by calling 254-546-2276.