Mississippi Equine Therapy

The gentle power of the horse is a majestic quality that God calls us to respect by using that power for good rather than ill. We at Deer Creek Structures are always encouraged to find out about others across the country and the world that bring people in need and horses together to help both. Today, we’re featuring an equine therapy service from deep in the heart of Mississippi that is doing great work with special needs children.

Bit By Bit Equine Therapy is a business located in Brandon, MS, just outside of the major city of Jackson. Owned and operated by lifelong horse lover Stephanie Wilson, this service caters to children who are afflicted by a wide variety of ailments. According to this article published by The Rankin Ledger, clients at Bit By Bit suffer from learning disabilities, physical deformities and even neurological disorders.

These horses are able to touch a special place inside of these children and bring out a side of them that no one, not even their parents, have seen before. The article above talks about one child with incredible communication problems who started singing while riding a horse, the first time in his life he had ever done so.

Children are also able to get a much different muscle workout by riding on horses than they would get from just walking around. Unlike wheelchairs or crutches, riding a horse requires that a person exert some force to stay balanced. This slight exertion is mild enough that it doesn’t tire children out, making it great for those with physical ailments.

Wilson has noticed a number of physical benefits that children are left with after riding the Bit By Bit horses. These include better motor coordination, improved balance and independent movement of the shoulders and pelvis, which aids in walking ability. Wilson used to charge her clients per session, but realizing that other financial concerns related to a child’s condition can get in the way, she now runs her Brandon facility entirely on donations.

When we’re doing the work that the Lord put us on this earth to do, our fulfilling jobs are the greatest compensation, not the money. Deer Creek Structures believes that equine therapy can bring those with enhanced needs closer to an enjoyable life and into a better communion with God.

*Image courtesy of Dmitriy Cherevko