Good Stewards for All of the Creatures

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how to be good stewards for all of the creatures given to us in God’s domain. The horse is an incredibly powerful and beautiful creature, and these are attributes to be respected. Although some take advantage of their power over these beasts, we love to see others who are promoting the well-being of these animals.

A recent business partnership in Maine has shown great results in providing shelter and care for horses that have been saved from abusive situations. Horses with Hope is an organization in Hope, Maine, that cares for neglected or abused horses until they can be reintroduced into the wild. A small staff works very hard to make sure that as many as 10 horses at any time are getting the care and training they need to survive on their own.

A construction company owner local to Horses with Hope, John Libby of Freeport, ME, came through with his largest project to date, all in the name of protecting these vulnerable creatures. Libby completed a 24,000-square foot indoor training center for horses. “Working with the horses on a daily basis is a critical part of the rehabilitation process,” said Horses with Hope spokeswoman Jen Boes, as quoted in this article from the Tri-Town Weekly. “The center will be used to help the horses regain confidence in themselves and trust in humans.”

The training center is specifically constructed to be greatly beneficial to the horses that will be using the facility. The center will use incandescent lighting instead of fluorescent lighting, which will help to heat the facility for the horses during the bitter cold of Maine winters. A non-metal roof was constructed so that the sound of falling snow won’t startle horses. Large windows, stalls and cupolas also help bring a lot of outdoor comforts to the horses inside.

The way we treat the animals that we can control can be a sign of Godliness in a person. Deer Creek Structures is proud of any organization that goes out of its way to help those creatures that have been less fortunate in their lives.

*Image courtesy of Paulus Rusyanto