Common Horse Diet Myths Busted

Many people have different thoughts and opinions regarding the proper diet for a horse. In fact, there are many common myths about how you should feed your horse and what you should feed your horse. However, it’s important to educate yourself on what is fact and what is myth.

Horses Eat Dirt

Some horses do eat dirt but not for the reasons people think! Many people believe the myth that horses do something called “dirt licking” in order to obtain key nutrients that are missing from their diet. People believe that horses lick up the dirt from the ground because it is a habit. The truth is, dirt licking isn’t a habit and we actually aren’t sure why some horses insist on it. If you have horses spend a lot of time dirt licking, make sure there’s always forage available to keep them busy.

Soaking Beet Pulp

Do you soak your horse’s beet pulp before you feed it to them? Many people believe that dry beet pulp can cause horses to choke. In reality, if your horse has trouble swallowing food it has nothing to do with what they are eating and everything to do with how they are eating. Many horses struggle to eat beet pulp or pellets due to improper chewing or otherwise. If your horse isn’t eating correctly, it can lead to choking issues; the wetness of the beet pulp has nothing to do with it.

Too Much Protein

Have you heard the myth that feeding a horse too much protein can cause the horse to behave strangely? This is an extremely common myth and it is also extremely inaccurate. There is little chemical evidence that suggests a horse’s protein intake can affect their behavior. Eating protein will give your horse more energy so if you notice signs of “strange behavior,” it could be a result of the horse having more energy from protein consumption.

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