Common Horse Skin Problems

Taking care of a horse can be a lot of work, but any horse owner will tell you it’s an incredibly rewarding experience. Like humans, there are many things you need to watch out for when it comes to a horse’s health, including their skin. There are a number of skin conditions that can affect horses which range from benign cosmetic issues to more serious ailments. We’re here to go over a few of the most common equine skin conditions that you should be aware of.

Some horses will develop nonmalignant tumors called sarcoids. In general, these tumors will appear on their legs, stomach, or even head. Most instances of these tumors appear as a lump of warty flesh on the horse’s skin. While they aren’t life threatening in most cases, many people choose to have them removed.

Just like people, horses can get scratches from any number of things. Unfortunately, when a horse’s skin breaks due to a scratch or other reason the area can easily become infected. This can result in a wide range of issues including everything from hair loss to scaly patches. If a horse is cut or scratched, the area should be cleaned and disinfected as soon as possible to prevent any further complications.

Another common skin condition that horses suffer from is rain rot. This condition is caused by bacteria that enter any type of damaged skin on the horse. As evident by the name, this bacterium tends to live in moist and wet environments. This disease can cause the skin to become crusted and irritated, and unfortunately, it is very contagious.

These are just some of the common equine skin conditions that you should be mindful of. Regularly inspect your horse to ensure they aren’t suffering from these conditions or any other ailments