Dances with Horses

We all know that horses can do a lot. They are very versatile creatures able to adapt to a variety of situations and perform excellently. Whether racing or simply trotting along a country path, horses are some of the most dependable animals on God’s green earth. Outside of dogs (and we can have a debate regarding that), horses are absolutely man’s best friend, accompanying us since what seems like the dawn of time as we have grown and prospered. Without horses, we wouldn’t have reached such hallowed heights.

That being said, we shouldn’t be so surprised at how much horses are capable of, especially dancing. Yes, dancing. Horses, if trained, make for wonderful horses, as discussed in this article from The Tribune, which details the efforts of those preserving the tradition of dancing horses in India.

Neeraj Bagga writes, “A resident of the Maqboolpura area, Jasbir Singh Jassa, is perhaps the solitary master in the holy city, who trains horses to dance. An art fast fading into oblivion demands immense patience and a deep rapport between the master and his horse.”

Chances are you haven’t heard of this art. Not only is this in another country, it’s also not that well known in its country of origin! Just reading about it however, you immediately are blown away by its beauty and spirituality, an art grounded in the idea that man and horse are as close as can be, that there is a special (almost unbreakable) connection between the two. Some interesting tidbits include it generally taking one to three months to train horses! That seems like a short amount of time, doesn’t it?

As we said, anything is possible when it comes to horses. You just need to be an effective trainer and perhaps your horses too will be able to dance!