Getting Your Horse Barn Ready for Spring

Prefab Horse Barns for Sale in TexasIt’s getting to be about that wonderful time of year again when the days aren’t quite as frigid or short and the sounds and scents of spring are starting to emerge. Do you know what that means? It’s also time to start thinking about spring cleaning!

The onset of warmer weather is the perfect time to head to your horse barn and tackle those major projects winter has left for you. To help you with your spruce, we’ve outlined a few of the biggest areas to start with!

Maintenance & Repair

Winter weather can be pretty harsh on your barn. The start of spring is a good opportunity to inspect the damage (whether it’s new or was already on your radar) and get everything up to code. Look for things that can be hazardous to you or your horse, such as broken latches, damaged doors, warped fencing, gutter and drainage problems—creating trenches around your barn exterior will help manage extra spring rain—and leaky plumbing.

Declutter & Deep Clean

After you’ve addressed any barn damage, it’s time to get organized and refresh the interior for spring. Start by paring down what you have in there, getting rid of anything that you don’t need, use, or needs to be replaced, to give yourself more room to work with. Once you’re left with the things you’re keeping, start washing! Everything is going to need a deep clean after a long, wet winter. This includes all tack, equipment, horse stalls, feed and tack rooms, and even the trailer. When you’re done cleaning, take the time to organize everything you’ve kept.

Store Winter Supplies

Moving your winter barn supplies into storage will help with the decluttering process and keep winter items in good shape to use next year. Excess hay from the winter feed increase, blankets, deicers, heaters, etc. should all be headed out. Once they’re out of the way, you can check to make sure the equipment you’ll need for spring is in good shape—fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, waterers, tack, grooming supplies, and basically anything else left after the winter cleanout.

When you start the spring-cleaning process, you may find that your barn simply doesn’t hold up and has seen its last winter. If that’s the case, Deer Creek Structures can help you replace it with a finely-crafted horse barn that will stand up to the harshest weather! Both our prefabricated barns and custom-built structures offer a secure, comfortable place for your horses to call home.

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