First Aid Essentials for Your Horse Barn

If you own horses, you know how injury-prone they can be. From small scratches and scrapes to more serious problems like muscle strains and broken legs, taking care of horses can be a lot to handle sometimes.

Here are the first aid essentials you should keep in your horse barn for when accidents inevitably happen:


There are several different types of bandages, all of which have important functions. Standing wraps with cotton quilts will support muscles and rehab injuries. Vetrap can be used as a bandage (for people, too!), as a wrap to hold ice packs or as a means of keeping the horse’s tail away from an injury.

Hydrogen peroxide

This first-aid staple will clean dirt out of fresh wounds and help treat thrush (a fungal hoof infection). However, don’t use it routinely on a wound that’s healing, as it will hinder the healing process.


This useful tool will remove splinters, thistles, burrs and other irritants from your horse’s skin.

Disposable diapers and diaper cream

You may be thinking, “but I’m taking care of a horse, not a baby!” We know. Disposable diapers are actually great for wrapping hooves with abscesses, and diaper cream will protect heels from the moisture that causes dew poisoning.

Of course, you’ll need a horse barn to keep your horses and all their first aid essentials. Check out Deer Creek Structures to find the ideal barn for you and your horses! Contact us today to learn more!