Four Ways to Be Green with Your Horses

Going green isn’t just good for the environment; it’s also healthier for your horse and better for your wallet. Read on for a few easy ways to go green with your horses.

Buy thoughtfully

When choosing green products for your horse, consider the product’s ingredients, as well as how it’s packaged and how it’s made. Is the packaging recyclable? Was the product made in a way that produces toxic waste?

Go natural

Do your research and find natural remedies for your horse. Everything from non-toxic insect repellent to homemade hoof dressing is available online and in environmentally friendly shops.

Keep manure in check

A single horse can produce up to 45 pounds of manure in just one day, which is a lot of waste that can potentially leach into the environment! Manage your manure by keeping it at least 100 yards away from natural water sources and wetlands. Go even greener by composting your manure!

Be smart about flies and insects

Did you know that there is an alternative to using chemical sprays to get rid of flies and mosquitoes that bother your horse? Try fly parasites, tiny parasitic wasps that are harmless to humans and horses but destroy flies in the pupal stage, before they become adults.

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