Horse Is Star of Amazon Holiday Commercial

When you look at a horse, does your heart beat faster? Like the beating of war drums? Sometimes rapid heart palpitations carry us through difficult days. It is good to be excited about things, especially this time of the year, when the holidays are banging on the door wanting to be let in. It is not too hard for the stress that comes with the holidays to destroy us. Sometimes we must take preventative measures to make us forget all about this seasonal stress and in terms of advertising and marketing, the most effective way to accomplish that is to make the viewer’s heart melt. Amazon has done just that with its latest TV advert for Amazon Prime.

The star of the commercial is a pint-sized pony battling loneliness and unable to make friends. That is until his owner brings him something he ordered using one-day delivery courtesy of Amazon Prime. Suddenly the loneliness is gone like a magic trick. The spot has been making the rounds on social media and everyone is going crazy over this pint-sized pony. Are horses becoming a new holiday tradition in terms of marketing? It seems so.

Quoting a spokesperson for Amazon, Amy Mathieson of Horse & Hound writes, “Remember, whatever the situation you find yourself in, there are “Millions of ways to save the day, delivered in one day.””

That is a clever tagline, but the commercial would not be as successful if it did not have that pint-sized pony in it. You check out the video below and judge for yourself.