Horses Built Our Cities

When you think of the city you live in, do you ever wonder how it came to be? All the blood, sweat and tears that went into the building of it, the time and patience it took to go from the bottom up. It is amazing to think about, especially if you are just walking down Main St. and thinking that every inch you walk was meticulously planned and executed accordingly. Humans are capable of some amazing things, especially if our hearts and minds are in the right place.

Now take what we just said and instead of thinking about human hands building a city brick by brick, block by block, think about horses and all the contributions that they have made. In this article, the CBC does just that when reflecting on the foundations of Calgary.

They write, “When we Calgarians think of horses, we’re likely to think of the Stampede. But horses have a much longer history in our city. They helped build this place we call home, from the moment the N.W.M.P. rode up to the Bow back in 1875. Horses trotted down our dirt streets as personal transport, fire trucks, hearses, delivery vans, meter readers, grading machines, military vehicles, and members of the family.”

Simply put, that is pure poetry demonstrating the importance of horses in helping humankind build their home. Not only are horses loyal workers, they are also loyal friends able to be there for us in our time of need and if that requires them to help realize our dreams then that is exactly what they will do. That was the case with Calgary and we are sure it was the case with your hometown. We at Deer Creek Structures feel it is important to recognize the contributions horses have made in making life more comfortable for us and it is our duty to make life more comfortable for them. That means purchasing horse barns, shed row barns, run in sheds or livestock shelters. They deserve comfort too; they deserve a home.