How to Dress Up Your Horse Barn

If you own a horse barn, you know how much time you spend inside cleaning and taking care of your precious horses.

Add some love to your horse barn by decorating with some décor options that any horse lover would go crazy for.

From decorations you can purchase to creative DIY projects, here are some ideas for how to add some pizazz to your horse barn.

Add Signs of Good Taste

Whether you purchase signs or create your own, fun signage can give your horse a bit of flair. Add your horses’ names to their stalls by putting up signs bearing their names. You can also place an old-fashioned welcome sign above the front door to make visitors feel at home. Another fun idea is to hang signs with inspirational, horse-related sayings, like “Blaze Your Own Trail” or “Horse Lovers are Stable People.”

Wall Art

Adorn your barn with colorful wall art, including pictures, paintings and photographs. Purchase or paint your own horse-themed pictures, or hang up some treasured photographs – copies, of course – of you and your horses. Including wall art helps transform your horse barn from dull and drab to colorful and vibrant.

Put on New Door Handles

Channel your creative side by adding some unique door handles for your horse barn. Create or purchase handles made out of bits, stirrups or horseshoes – like this Pinterest idea – to go with your barn theme. Sure to be the talk of the barn, unique door handles are a great icebreaker for new visitors to the barn and horse lovers alike.

Get Crafty

Try making wind chimes out of recycled stirrups, using use old halters to hang up flowerpots or making door handles of bits, stirrups or horseshoes. You could even use halters from horses from your past as a tribute to their memory.

Keep it Clean

It goes without saying that however well your horse barn is decorated, dirt will only detract from your look. Here’s a handy guide to thoroughly cleaning your horse barn.

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