How to Dress Up Your Horse Barn

Beautifully designed horse barn. Clean, stable storage room.If you own a horse barn, you know how much time you spend cleaning and caring for your space and animals. You should want your barn to look and feel unique and welcoming for the amount of effort you put in to keep it well-maintained.

Add some love to your horse barn by decorating with décor options that any horse lover would go crazy for! From decorations you can purchase to creative DIY projects, here are some ideas for adding some personality to your horse barn.

Choose a Design Theme

First things first, decide on the theme you want in your barn. Whether that be western, coastal, rustic, industrial, etc., choose a theme and carry it throughout the space. Picking a theme (or mixing two) makes it easier to envision how you want the finished space to look and feel and gives you a better idea of the items you need to include to tie everything together.

Add Signage

Whether you purchase signs or create your own, fun signage can give your barn a bit of flair. Add your horses’ names to their stalls by putting up signs bearing their names. You can also place an old-fashioned welcome sign above the front door to make visitors feel at home. Another fun idea is to hang signs with inspirational, horse-related sayings, like “Blaze Your Own Trail” or “Horse Lovers are Stable People.”

Put Up Wall Art

Adorn your barn with colorful wall art, including pictures, paintings, and photographs. Purchase or paint your own horse-themed pictures or hang up some treasured photographs of you and your horses. Including wall art helps transform your horse barn from dull and drab to fun and vibrant and makes the space unique to you and your animals.

You could also include any medals, plaques, or awards you or your horses have won or received over the years, as you should be proud of your accomplishments and have them continually inspire you every time you walk into your barn space!

Get Crafty

Channel your creative side by adding unique door handles for your horse barn. Create or purchase handles made of bits, stirrups, or horseshoes to accompany your barn theme. Unique door handles are a great conversation starter for new visitors to the barn and horse lovers alike. Adding small, unique interior touches to your space can go a long way in making the overall theme feel more cohesive.

If you are a creative person by nature and are feeling up to a challenge, you can try to make items like wind chimes or hanging décor out of recycled stirrups or even use old halters to hang up flowerpots. The possibilities are endless, especially if you have a natural eye for interior design.

Keep It Tasteful

You want the design of your horse barn to be unique, but you don’t want to overdo it. Adding too many decorations or incorporating several themes can make it look chaotic and tacky. Keep your barn design clean, simple, and spacious, as you need room to perform all your daily tasks and activities.

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