How to Eliminate Flies from the Horse Barn

There’s no doubt about it: flies are an extreme nuisance for horses, not to mention their owners. In addition to being irritating, they can also pose health risks to your horse by spreading bacterial infections, causing diseases like equine infectious anemia and leading to painful sores on your horse’s legs. If you’re ready to say, “Shoo, fly!” read on for some handy tips for eliminating flies from your horse barn.

Eliminate flies by managing the manure from your horse barn

Flies absolutely adore manure. It provides them with fertile breeding ground, which is exactly what you and your horse don’t want! Make sure to frequently remove manure from your horse barn – at least once a day, if not more often. Move it to a manure pile far away from your horse barn, or store it in a tightly closed dumpster until you can get it off your property.

Eliminate flies by controlling moisture in your horse barn

Excess moisture leads to an excess of flies, who like to breed in damp places. Remove wet and soiled bedding from your horse barn, and check your barn for any leaks, then promptly fix them.

Eliminate flies by using fly traps or spray

Use traps with a sticky surface or baited traps to catch flies. If all else fails, spray away. Your local feed store will have various fly repellents to help you protect your horse.

Now that you know how to keep your horse barn free of flies, it’s time to buy one! If you’re in the market for a horse barn, check out Deer Creek Structures for secure and quality Texas-built horse barns and run-in sheds.