How You Can Safely Light Your Horse Stable

Lighting is an important aspect of housing horses. Your horses’ stable, including stall, aisle and storage areas, should be well-lit, and all electrical systems should be secure. This is for your own sake as well as your horses’—stables and barns should be safe for all who enter them.

Here’s how to safely light your horse’s stable:

Choose the right type of lighting

Not all types of lighting are created equal. For example, incandescent lamps are not a good choice for agricultural use. They generate significant heat with little protection—particularly a hazard during summer months, when hay can catch fire.

Choose cool-burning bulbs instead, like fluorescents. Also, while shatter-proof bulbs may be an extra expense, the safety benefits make them totally worthwhile.

Pay attention to wiring

Make sure wiring is metal-sheathed to avoid rodent damage.

Don’t forget exterior lights

When planning a lighting system for your horse’s stable, don’t forget to think about exterior lights. Place a timer or motion sensor in the light over the door, so you won’t be fumbling with keys or a latch in the dark. Also consider a floodlight that shines into nearby paddocks or pastures, in case you need to find your horses at night.

Now that you know how to safely light your horse’s stable, it’s time to think about where you’re housing your horses. Deer Creek Structures has been creating secure, expertly crafted horse barns and run-in sheds deep in the heart of Texas since 2005. Check us out to find out how we can enhance your property and safely house your horses!