Importance of Grooming Your Horse

People are committed to hygiene, from taking regular showers to washing their hair regularly as well.

It is important for horses to practice good hygiene as well, and it’s our responsibility to ensure that they do.

Grooming your horse on a regular basis is vital, and it’s not just about making the horse look nice. Regular grooming will help keep your horse comfortable and it also allows you to check them over carefully. When grooming your horse, you should keep an eye out for skin problems that could be indicative of a bigger issue.

Grooming also gets your hands on your hose every day, which ensures that you’ll notice any potential problems the moment they arise, from soreness and discomfort to skin irritations or bug bites.

If you groom your horse regularly, you’ll just need to check in with him and give him a good brushing which doesn’t take up too much of your time.

Regular grooming also increases the bond between you and your horse. Whether you’re starting with a new horse, working with a pony, or grooming a horse you’ve had for years, the grooming process will allow you to you bond.

You should pay particular attention to the hooves, mane and tail. You’ll need a hoof pick, a mane and tail comb, a stiff brush, a gentler brush, sponges, and a sweat scraper in order to the most efficient job.

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