Improving Equine Healthcare

In this blog, we do our best to cover the expansiveness of the horse industry. Now that can be everything from how to take care of your horse, equine illnesses that are affecting areas of the country, to gifts you can get your horse. We take pride it covering it all, but there would be nothing to write about it if were not for the people and foundations helping to educate all of us on horses. One such group is the Morris Animal Foundation, which has recently approved funding for numerous equine research and training grants. These grants are worth a lot of money, to the tune of around $1 million.

In this press release, The Horse reports, “The grants will fund investigators at 13 institutions across the United States, along with one in Switzerland and one in New Zealand; support 16 university-based studies; and contain three fellowship training grants for new researchers.”

These grants will primarily cover equine health issues such as muscle disease, allergies, osteochondrosis, and more. These grants are important because they provide the opportunity to improve equine healthcare. We know you love your horses and it is our duty to take care of them. These grants will make that task a little bit easier.

As the chief scientific officer at Morris Animal Foundation puts it, “With the approval of our new set of equine studies, we will continue to improve the health of horses, the treatment tools available for equine veterinarians, and, for horse owners, the hope of having long, healthy lives for their equine companions.”

We will keep you posted on these 16 studies.