Increasing our Knowledge of Horses

Texas A&M, one of the most prestigious institutions in our state, recently announced plans for a new Equine Center as part of their College of Veterinary & Biological Sciences expansion.  Phase one of the construction of the $80 million dollar complex began last week.  The innovative and state-of-the-art facility will enhance the college’s equine science education program and provide a place for groundbreaking research.

The complex is being devoted to the welfare of the horse.  Researchers will learn as much as possible about improving the health, safety and interests of horses.  Dr. Eleanor Green, the dean of the Veterinary & Biological Sciences department referred to the state of Texas as “a national leader in the equine industry.”  She hopes the facility will enhance “the health and well-being of horses and the strength and viability of the equine industry so important to Texas.”

Texas A&M surely hopes their new complex will help attract some of the brightest current and prospective minds in the industry.  Green further thinks the building “will bring will bring together students, faculty, and equine industry leaders and provide a foundation for research discoveries and outreach initiatives dedicated to the welfare of the horse.”   As a Texas based company that is dedicated to providing horses a safe and comfortable home, we salute Texas A&M University for allocating resources to learn more about the animal that Texans love so much.