Managing Hydration with Sport Horses

You know how thirsty you feel running around in the summertime? How nothing sounds as nice as a cool drink of water? Well, your sport horses feel the same way!

It’s essential to make sure your sport horses keep hydrated in the summer to avoid exhaustion, heat stroke and other heat-related injuries.

Read on for several tips to manage hydration with your sport horses, and keep your horses healthy all summer long.

Provide Supplements

When horses sweat, their blood sodium levels can drop, and they often lose their desire to drink. Avoid potentially fatal dehydration through daily salt supplementation, which provides maintenance sodium and chloride, as well as electrolytes which replace sweat losses.

Water, Water Everywhere

Make it easy for your horse to find water at all times.  Place clean, fresh water in his barn and in other areas where he spends his time. Clean water is absolutely key here – remember that you shouldn’t drink water that smells strange or appears dirty, and your horse shouldn’t either.

On the Road

When you’re competing or trail riding, make sure to offer your horse water as often as possible. Some horses don’t like the taste of “foreign” water – if this applies to yours, try offering her some soaked hay to mask the taste.

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