New Product Developed to Help Horses Run

A new product called Megasus Horserunners was recently developed to better serve horses when they walk or run on all terrain.

It is the world’s first clippable runner for horses, changing the way that horses move.

The product is equipped with shock absorbing hoof protection technology that allows horses to move easily on any terrain.

Many sources are referring to them as the first “running shoe” for a horse.

The company conducted research for 20 years in order to produce a product that would work with vertical hoof movements. The research revealed that a horse hoof operates similarly to a human joint and will try to compensate for uneven ground and wanted to create a product that would work with the hoof.

Below is a short video that highlights the product.

Horseshoes are typically made of iron and nails, neither of which are flexible products.

However, the Megasus Horserunners are made with an extremely flexible material that adjusts to uneven ground.

Although the material of the clippable runner is very flexible, it is not soft. The material is durable enough to withstand the weight and the movement of the horses.

The Megasus Horserunners can be put onto a horse without using any nails at all, making them extremely simple to take on and off.

The product is fastened through a self-engaging mushroom fastener instead. You can adjust the side clips and the flexibility of the runner to better fit your horse.

Another focus of the Megasus Horserunners is that the product is a non-permanent solution.

They are intended to be used only as needed so the hooves are able to take their natural shape through the years. If you want to find out what size your horse would be, sizing charts can be found on their website.

This product could easily change how horses move, how they preform, and what they are capable of doing. For more information and news about horses, visit Deer Creek Structures blog.