New York Horse Sanctuary Struggles to Remain Open

There are several conservatory lands and sanctuaries located around the world that are designed to protect and care for a wide variety of animals. Such a thing as horse sanctuaries even exist and, unfortunately, one on Long Island, NY is in danger of being shut down.

The Twin Oaks Horse Sanctuary has been a home for many horses over the years. Some of its residents have included abused, elderly, and retired racing horses. This sanctuary is a place for these forgotten horses to rest and recover under the watchful eye of people who truly care about them. Now, this horse haven may be going away for good.

The owners of the sanctuary have run into financial troubles, partly because the land was damaged during Superstorm Sandy in late 2012. Ever since then, the owners have been struggling to maintain the sanctuary, and things aren’t looking good. There is a silver lining to this dark cloud. Several volunteers and advocates of the sanctuary have stepped up to raise money for the family and the organization.

If the sanctuary is shut down, the owners aren’t sure what will happen to the horses. Many of them are already old or injured, meaning they are horses that most people don’t want. If you would like to learn more about the Twin Oaks Horse Sanctuary, you can visit their site at

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