Owning a Horse This Holiday Season [Video]

It is better to give than to receive during the holiday season, as we’ve all heard. Sometimes, giving a material gift pales in comparison to the joy someone can feel when given a second chance. This Christmas season, Deer Creek Structures wants to spend some time rejoicing in stories of horses that have been given a second chance at life, and the caring human owners who went out of their way to save them.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Redwings, CA, is marking the 2013 holiday season as a time of triumph for two horses who have largely recovered since making it to the sanctuary in such poor condition over the past year. For one horse, Holly, Christmas 2013 marks one year to the day that she was rescued by the sanctuary. After having been taken in with bony hips and an awful body condition score, she was given emergency treatment to save her life and help her start to recuperate.

Faith, another rescue horse at the Redwings Horse Sanctuary, was in such poor condition that she needed to be carried in a sling just to stand upright. It took five months for this four-year-old horse to regain levels of healthy weight. However, this holiday season, Redwings is proud of the recoveries made by both of these horses, according to this article published by Horse and Country TV.

People who are intrigued by the idea of owning their own horse can get involved this holiday season and make a real difference in the lives of equine beauties. Mylestone Equine Rescue, a horse rescue operation headquartered in Phillipsburg, NJ, is offering holiday gift sponsorships that will go to benefit horse recovery efforts. For a $35 donation, individuals receive a certificate of sponsorship, a photo card of a rescue horse and a short bio for that horse, according to this report on NJ.com. Horse lovers will enjoy learning that their gift went to help a lovely creature this Christmas.

If you’re honest about wanting to do the right thing to help those less fortunate this holiday season, Deer Creek Structures has plenty of ideas to share with you. We’re happy to learn of the many people in this country who are spending their lives making this world better for these equine friends.

*Video courtesy of jerseygirlsphotos