Purchasing a Horse from an Owner

In our last post, we discussed the type of questions that prospective horse buyers should ask breeders before purchasing a horse.  Today, we examine part two of that post, looking at what types of question a potential buyer should ask a horse owner they are interested in buying from.

There are many benefits to buying a horse from an owners, including the fact that most owners tend to let potential buyers “try out” a horse a few times to ensure the horse is a good fit.  Below is a checklist that owners can use as a resource.

Questions to ask an owner:

How much has the horse been ridden during the past year?

Who has ridden the horse the most — trainer, amateur, youth?

How easy is the horse to handle after being turned out and when not ridden?

How much training has the horse received and in what areas?

What type of feed and roughage does the horse eat and what is its feeding schedule?

Has the horse ever had any colic episodes?

How often is the horse dewormed or shod? How does the horse react?

Does the horse have any vices? (i.e., cribbing, biting, trailer shyness) How often has the horse been away from home and what is his behavior in different surroundings?

And the best question — Why is the horse for sale?

If you’re having trouble locating a breeder or horse owner, you can turn to a professional horse trainer. Trainers often work with a number of owners and breeders and will be able to put you in contact with a reputable one.

Lastly, make sure you evaluate the horse. Don’t always rely on what a breeder or owner tells you. Ride and spend time socializing with the horse. These types of interaction will help you gain trust from the horse and guarantee a lasting relationship.

We hope these last two posts will help you the next time your are in the market for a horse!

For additional information, you can visit the AQHA’s website at http://www.aqha.com.