Rehabbed Horse

The regal nature of a horse is a quality that stays with the creature no matter how many trials and tribulations it sees over the course of its life. Deer Creek Structures is always encouraged by stories where these beautiful equine creatures are taken away from poor living conditions, which happens far too often, and brought to new splendor under the watch of a caring new owner.

Take a look at this article published by The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle to see what we’re talking about. When he was rescued from an abusive situation in Sodus, NY, Rico Suave was a troubled and worn-down creature. That’s made his story of rehabilitation into a competition horse all the more dramatic.

Rico Suave will compete in the Equine Comeback Challenge at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show. The event, sponsored by A Home for Every Horse, features ten rescue horses as they compete to finish an obstacle course with a saddled rider on their backs, often the first time these horses have ever done so.

Each horse has only been given a maximum of 90 days of training, so this is more of an amateur competition than anything professional. Horses are scored based mainly on their ability and willingness to complete the tasks they are given in the obstacle course. The event, which brings a great deal of awareness to the plight of rescue horses in our country, is the first of its kind to be found on the eastern coast of the United States.

Deer Creek Structures knows that every one of God’s creatures can be salvaged from savage living situations and brought towards salvation here on Earth. We try to do our part by building and selling the best quality in run-in sheds and horse barns to shelter these creatures. Call us today if you want to learn more about how we can bring more peace and quiet to your horses today.