Run-in sheds also make for great chicken coops

Sure, raising a horse farm can be really fun and rewarding. When you use Deer Creek Structures’ custom built run-in sheds, they add character, charm and function to any farm or ranch. Used to house and protect horses and other livestock, these sheds also make great storage facilities for farm and horse equipment, vehicles and more.

But let’s say you’re also interested in raising chickens, too. Did you know that Deer Creek’s run-in sheds make a perfect home for chickens? It’s true! Raising chickens for fun, meat or eggs can be done by anyone with a small location for the chickens to eat, drink, and sleep safely in. A secure location can be an unused Deer Creek Structures’ shed in your yard. If you already have a shed, converting it to a coop is easy but needs to be done with the chickens’ comfort, health and safety in mind.

Even if you purchase a new run-in shed or stable, you will likely need to install a new door dedicated to the chickens because a large shed door will let other birds and animals get in to eat the chickens or their feed.  A custom-built Deer Creek shed can be designed with your needs and specifications in mind.

Begin by thinking about the design of the coop you wish to have. Those who have layers will also need to install a small lamp on a timer to maintain 12-plus hours of light during the winter on perches and nests.

These types of coops can be easily decorated outside to add charm and appeal, but the inside construction is what matters most. A proper coop will be outfitted with the right amount of nest boxes to accommodate the flock, next box covers, screened windows with wire mesh, exterior vents with wire mesh and hinged wood panels.  Plus, there should be plenty of room for the owners to stand and work inside, as well as room for the chickens. The great thing about Deer Creek Structures run-in sheds is that they are quality manufactured, spacious and built to last.

So, no matter what use you get out of your Deer Creek Structures run-in shed or barn, you can be sure that you are receiving a top of the line space for the things and animals that matter most to you.

Posted by: Deer Creek Structures