Selecting a Stall Door for Your Stable

One of the most important and exciting decisions that barn owners must make is deciding what type of stall door best suits their barn.  Regardless of whether you are in the process of constructing a custom-built barn, or if you just want to replace your current doors, selecting the right type of door has tangible and intangible effects on your barn.  The tangible effects are somewhat obvious, as you need a door that suits you and your horse.  It has to be the right height and width for your horse, should be a nice gatekeeper and it should be easy for you to open and close.  The intangible benefits are the visual appeal that stall door can provide to a barn.  It is one of the first things that people notice when looking at a horse barn, and having unique and aesthetically pleasing door can help distinguish your barn.

Below is a simple list of things we recommend you consider when thinking about what type of stall door would best augment your barn.

1)    Decide if you want a full door or a divided door.  Some owners prefer a full door, while others like a two panel door that allows their horse the option of sticking their necks out for fresh air.

2)    What type of door?  Owners must figure out if a swing door, a sliding door or a simple pull door best suits their particular barn and fills their specific needs.   The type of door you choose will affect your work area and the horses’ space, so the decision is a crucial one.

3)    Materials.  Using the best materials will increase the door’s durability and prevent naturally atrophy.

4)    Consult with an expert.   After you have a rough idea of what type of doors you desire, ask an expert if they can make your dream door a reality.

Please tell us about the types of doors you use in the comments section!

Posted by: Deer Creek Structures