Shed Row Horse Barns

When life on God’s creation brings storm clouds and extreme weather, it’s natural for any creature to want to seek shelter. Too often, we as people assume that a strong animal can bear the brunt of winds and rain, forgetting our role as stewards of the creatures in our domain. Here at Deer Creek Structures, we help to build the shelters that our equine friends sometimes need in order to ride out the storm.

Take a look at our portable shed row horse barn options to see some of the best quality shelters we have to offer our customers here at Deer Creek Structures. After a long day out on the trail or when trying to escape extreme weather, these shed row horse barns offer the perfect amount of shelter for a creature facing the elements.

We absolutely realize that one size does not fit all when considering the shelter options to offer our customers. Our company can provide horse owners with a 10-foot shed row barn for housing most horses comfortably. However, for larger breeds, we also construct 12-foot shed row barns, which offer a greater amount of space that will be well appreciated by a larger horse that doesn’t want to feel constricted.

When you purchase one of our shed row horse barns for the equine creatures on your property, you’re doing much more than protecting their physical health. You give them a place all their own where they can relax and enjoy themselves in private. A horse shelter can also help improve the social connections between the various horses who call the same shed home.

Deer Creek Structures is certain that we have the horse shelter option that is perfect for your needs. From our headquarters in Chilton, TX, we serve all of Texas as well as surrounding states. Call us today to ask about our varieties of horse shelters and find out which may be best suited to take care of the needs of you and your horses.