The Advantages of Owning a Horse Barn Over Boarding

Prefab Portable Horse Barns in TXDetermining where your horse is going to call home can be a difficult decision. Ultimately, the choice boils down to two options: building a horse barn on your property or renting space at a boarding facility.

For some horse owners, boarding is a necessity, simply because they don’t have the space for a barn or as much time as they’d need to provide daily care. But for those horse owners who have the space on their property and the time to commit, owning your own horse barn is always the better option. Let’s take a closer look at why that is.

Having your own barn is cheaper than boarding.

Building a barn may be more expensive than renting upfront, however, it is just a one-time cost. Monthly boarding fees, and the extra costs of services such as vet and farrier care through the facility, can often be astronomical. When you compare long-term costs, owning a barn saves you a lot more money over time. Plus, having the extra structure will increase your property value.

Access your horse whenever you’d like.

Boarding facilities have restricted hours for visiting and riding your horse, but a barn on your own property is never closed to you. You’ll have the freedom to see and ride them whenever you’d like, as well as provide them extra care when you think they need it. The more time you spend with your horse, the stronger your bond will become.

Stay in control of your horse’s care.

No matter how great your boarding service is, they don’t love your horse as much as you do. When you have your own barn, you can shower your horse with love and attention and care for them exactly the way you want. Feed them what you want, organize their tack to your liking, turn them out as often as you’d like, and make your own feeding, turn out, and riding schedule. The only rules you need to abide by in your barn are your own!

Give your horses their own space.

Boarding facilities and their arenas can get crowded quickly. With your own barn, your horse (or horses) will have plenty of peace, quiet, and comfortable space to call home. You’ll also have plenty of space to work with them on your own land. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about them catching any diseases or illnesses from other unknown boarders.

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