The Benefits of Cypress Siding

Deer Creek is renowned for being one of the preeminent builders of custom barns and cabins, often working closely with horse and livestock owners.   Deer Creek Structures knows that you want your structures to last a long time, look nice, and provide shade and protection from the elements, which is why they use high-quality Cypress siding for their custom-made barns and cabins.

While metal structures get really hot inside during the stifling summer heat, barns and cabins made with Cypress siding tend to stay quite cool, providing relief to both you and your animals. Cypress trees grow mainly near the southeastern coastline of the United States and inland areas, in places like Louisiana and Alabama, and Cypress has been used for centuries because it’s considered an ideal wood for building structures.

Cypress siding contains a natural preservative oil called cypressene, which means it doesn’t require chemical treatment like most woods do. Though it easily accepts paints and stains, Cypress is a naturally beautiful wood that turns pewter gray in color over time. Many people value the charming look of Cypress wood. With a straight grain, medium texture and honey color, Cypress has a natural beauty that many people think looks both rustic and dramatic.

Best of all, Cypress siding is naturally resistant to weather, insects and fungus. And, as a dimensionally stable wood, Cypress is ideal for barns and cabins. It won’t easily split or warp over time like other woods tend to do.

Deer Creek barns and cabins include Cypress siding for all the aforementioned reasons, and because it’s easy to cut, saw and nail. Cypress wood is easy to work with, and lasts a long time. Some people own Cypress-made barns and cabins that are over 100-years-old, yet are still in great shape!