The Benefits of Living on a Farm

Farmer and his son in front of a sunset agricultural landscape.Not everyone dreams of the perfect cookie-cutter home with a white picket fence and two cars in the driveway. As a society, we are conditioned to believe that finally checking into the life of suburbia means you’ve made it in this world, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. From the stacked apartment buildings of large bustling cities to the wide-open farm homes of rural America, people all over this country are making a difference, living in all sorts of environments and conditions. There is no “right” or “perfect” way to live, but each way of life has pros and cons.

Farm life is not for the weak. The amount of work you put in is what you get out of the experience, and like all ways of living, it offers a unique perspective on life and your relationships.

Here are a few benefits you may experience living on a farm!

Access to Nature

Farm life might be the perfect lifestyle for you if you love being outdoors, rain or shine. Living on a farm provides an opportunity to connect with nature, whether gardening, caring for animals, or simply exploring the outdoors. People who live in cities may not have access to such natural beauty and wildlife that living on a farm can offer. You’ll also be surrounded by fresh air and open space, which is great for relaxation and escaping city noise and pollution. The closer you are to nature, the easier it is to find peace and balance within.

Improves Your Physical and Mental Health

On a farm, there is always a lot to be done. From tending to livestock, operating heavy equipment, gardening, mowing, building, etc., your day consists of a lot of movement. No need for a gym membership (or really any time for one) as you will be working from sunup to sundown, exerting energy and building your strength.

Working outside is a great way to release any anxious or pent-up energy and emotions as you improve your cardiovascular health by constantly moving and getting plenty of vitamin D from the sun’s rays to brighten your mood!

Fresh Food and Produce

One of the greatest benefits of living on a farm is access to fresh food and produce all year round. Eating fruits, vegetables, and livestock you’ve raised can be extremely rewarding and healthy. Knowing where your food came from and what it was exposed to and treated with can help you build a connection with nature and provide a sense of freedom when feeding you and your family. Families who live on farms also usually get more nutrients like calcium, protein, iron, and phosphorous in their diets than their city-dwelling counterparts.

Builds a Sense of Community

When you dedicate yourself and your family to farm life, you build a community with others who have done the same. Farms are usually out in rural areas where many surrounding neighbors live a similar lifestyle to yours. Neighbors can become supportive friends who will lend a hand when needed. This type of community provides a great opportunity for children to learn about responsibility, cooperation, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution skills. Some farms also host events such as bonfires or harvest festivals that bring people from all over the area together for fun festivities!

Provides a Source of Income

Farming can generate a steady source of income depending on how much land you have, what you’re growing, what kind of livestock you own, and how much time you dedicate to the process. You can sell your produce, eggs, or meat to local restaurants and farmer’s markets, use your land to hold events like fall fests, corn mazes, and hayrides, start a horseback riding program, or open a petting zoo; the possibilities are endless!

There are so many types of farms and ways to live the farm life, making this lifestyle appealing to many.

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