The Importance of a Horse Barn, Revisited

Labor Day is next week, which means that we are nearing the unofficial end of summer. Although summer “technically” ends September 23, 2015, we can all agree that the air feels different, with autumnal garnishes dropping from the sky. The weather is changing and we must be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep our cherished horses safe and sheltered. One day you might wake up and there could be snow on the ground. Other mornings the sun might suddenly disappear, replaced with thunderstorm clouds. What does this mean for you and your horses?

The long and short of it is that you should expect unpredictability when it concerns the weather this fall, which makes our horse barns absolutely essential for the long-term health of your horses. Why are these horse barns so important? Let’s revisit a post we wrote almost three years ago to this day.

We wrote, “Horse barns are a vital aspect of your horse’s overall wellness. Much like humans, horses spend most of their time in their homes and need a safe, comfortable, and clean environment to eat, sleep and relax in. It is imperative that the barn floor is made of high-quality materials to ensure the horse has traction and is comfortable when standing in it. Furthermore, an owner needs to be certain that the barn has a proper ventilation and drainage system in place. Plus, you want the barn to look appealing and have great craftsmanship as you are going to be looking at it each and every day.”

You know what; nothing has changed. Your horses still need a safe, comfortable, and clean environment to eat, sleep, and relax in. That will never change. Our horse barns are made of high-quality materials and are guaranteed to weather any storm. Be prepared this fall and contact us today!