The Importance of Equine Research

Many people assume that the goals of science and religion are mutually exclusive and that spiritual faith doesn’t mix well with a scientific mindset. However, understanding how we can better aid and care for all of God’s creatures can create a more perfect relationship between man and the many animals he must watch over. For many, science can be used as a means of achieving a better spiritual understanding of our interactions with other living creatures.

Many grant-making organizations offer funding that is often necessary to make sure that these research projects can get off of the ground. One such organization that funds horse-related scientific research is the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). This organization is dedicated to uncovering the causes to many of the health issues affecting equine animals, improving both their lifespan and quality of life.

The latest round of grant funding from the AQHA went into effect at the start of October this year, just a few weeks ago. Projects funded by this group must be completed by September 30, 2014. Interested organizations can still petition for funds up until December 1 of this year, however.

This organization is hoping to understand more about diseases and medical conditions afflicting horses. Of the many that exist, the AQHA is hoping to focus on projects researching joint trauma in performance horses, chronic respiratory disease, navicular syndrome and contagious equine metritis. This research will increase the knowledge available to veterinarians and other animal medical care practitioners for enhanced disease prevention and treatment. Below is a video, courtesy of AQHA Video, that deals with Vesicular Stomatitis.

This is just one of the many informative videos that are available from the AQHA.

There is nothing immoral about scientific research when it’s done with respect to all living things involved in the experiments, and especially when that research is designed to improve the quality of life for any living thing. We here at Deer Creek Structures believe deeply in our Godly calling to improve the quality of life for our equine friends. We’re proud to live in a world where scientific research and development can be used to achieve this goal.