The Tulsa Horse Show

The Tulsa fairgrounds in Oklahoma have exploded into an incredible national Arabian horse show for the week. With hundreds of barns fitted as temporary homes for over a thousand Arabian horses and their owners and riders. Some people may have driven a few miles, while others came from overseas or multiple states away for the United States National Arabian Championship horse show. And they certainly get the home treatment when they get there. As each of those barns are fitted to the brim with TVs, places to rest and an assortment of comforts to keep the stayers entertained and feeling good.

Of course, the barns aren’t the only reason people are showing up. The show itself is a spectacle, especially since it lasts for two weeks not counting the amount of time it took to set up all the barns and then dismantle them. For many of the people that come there though, it really is something like a special homecoming or maybe even a two week long holiday where they all enjoy themselves and embrace the horse world.

Although it certainly cost for people to compete in the championship show with their horses, the entire spectacle is free for anyone who does want to show up, so it’s well worth the investment, even for a day to see all the horses and the incredible barns and stables that were made up just for the championship. It really is a once in a lifetime thing, as no stable and barn is ever the same from year to year, and maybe you just might get invited back in the barns for a drink or just a fun time to watch the show on TV.

Either way you’ll have a good time, seeing just what a good time those Arabian horses are getting at.