The Welfare of Horses


When treated properly and with a dignity befitting of their power, horses can be a lively addition to some kinds of public events, especially parades. However, it is of crucial importance to make sure that the creatures who cannot speak for themselves are well cared for while in the employ of any handler.

Deer Creek Structures is always ready to salute any person or family who are willing to consider what’s best for the horses over interests of public entertainment. For instance, look at this story published by, which discusses the decision of one family to pull their trained horses from a Fourth of July celebration because of unsafe conditions.

The owners of the La Tapatia restaurant in Racine, WI, recently announced that they would be pulling their horses from next year’s Fourth Fest parade. Their decision was made after they alleged that harassment from a woman, likely a parade director, created a panic among the horses, causing one to fall.

This case of harassment is the last thing that anyone wants to witness at an event that wants to cater to an all-ages audience. Although event organizers have committed to a thorough investigation of the affair, we think that the decision made by the family who owns the horses is a very conscientious decision that keeps the welfare of their horses a priority above all other considerations. It’s also important for spectators to note that, although these creatures can be enjoyable, they must be surrounded with a peaceful atmosphere or else their panic can get out of hand.

When we think of the vastness of God’s creation, we realize that he created a wide array of insects, rodents, fish, birds and other animals to create a diverse life. Horses are among the most powerful animals in the world, but that power must be treated with respect. Deer Creek Structures is encouraged to see anyone take the side of animal welfare over the interests of public entertainment.