Use This Checklist to Prepare Your Cabin for Winter

Prefab Portable Cabins in TXEvery year it seems as if the fall season comes and goes in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re just starting to notice the leaves change color, and the next the trees are bare and snow is in the forecast. In order to combat the quick onset of winter, property owners need to start getting their structures ready for cold weather now, before outdoor conditions grow harsher.

If you own a cabin, you need to take steps to winterize your building for the upcoming season, even if you still plan on using it for work or a cozy holiday getaway. We’ve put together a checklist below to help you get your cabin ready for winter, so that it remains in good shape for you to enjoy for years to come!

Things to Do Outside

Finish up the landscaping.

Although there’s not much to do once your land is blanketed in snow, there are a few tasks you should complete ahead of winter to help your landscaping make it through to next spring. Start by mowing the lawn one final time, then rake the leaves on your property and clean out leaves and muck from your gutters. If you have any plants, remove or winterize them now. Once you’ve completed your pre-winter landscaping, clean and store all of your equipment somewhere warm and dry.

Remove anything left outside.

Outdoor items, such as furniture, toys, firepits, BBQs, etc. should be moved inside the cabin or into another storage area for the winter. If your cabin is on the water, bring in any boats, kayaks, canoes, and other water sport equipment as well. If you plan on visiting the cabin during the winter, make sure your cold weather items, like snowmobiles, skis, shovels, etc. are serviced and ready to use.

Inspect for air leaks and structural damage.

It’s important to conduct a thorough inspection of your cabin’s structure, so that you can make repairs before harsh winter weather hits and causes lasting and/or costly damage. Examine the roof, walls, doors, and windows, looking for any damage that could leave the cabin vulnerable to the elements. Use caulk or insulation to seal air leaks in areas around wiring, vents, pipes, windows, doors, and underneath the cabin. This will help keep your cabin warm and prevent pests from getting in.

Things to Do Inside

Winterize the plumbing.

Any water that is left in your plumbing has the potential to freeze, expand, and cause serious damage to your cabin’s water system over the winter. Whether you plan to visit throughout the season or you’re shutting it down completely, you will need to insulate your pipes and water lines.

If you don’t plan on returning to your cabin until spring, you’ll have to shut off the water and drain the pipes and water heater lines. You can also attach a hose to the lowest point of the plumbing system and use an air compressor to blow out the water. Get an antifreeze designed for plumbing and pour it down every drain and in the toilet.

Unplug and drain appliances.

Unless you will be using your cabin regularly throughout the winter, you will want to turn off and unplug any appliances for the season. This will help conserve energy and reduce potential fire hazards. For appliances that use water, such as the dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator, drain them completely before unplugging. While you’re winterizing your appliances, you should also clean out the filter of your furnace. If you don’t plan on visiting during winter, you can turn the furnace off.

Clean and declutter.

Anything left in your cabin that you won’t be using for winter has the potential to be damaged by extreme temperatures, pests, and other seasonal hazards. Take this opportunity to go through your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer need.

If you’re closing your cabin for the season, take anything you can use at home or that could be damaged by the cold, such as electronics. Empty all food from the fridge and pantry, including nonperishables (to keep them from freezing). You may also want to cover any furniture and linens in plastic to protect them from pest and moisture damage.

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