4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Barn

Portable Prefab Barns for Sale in TexasPortable structures can be a very useful addition to your property. They’re great for storage, creating workspaces, and, of course, providing comfortable and secure shelter for your animals. But even though a portable building is a quick and easy solution for auxiliary space, that doesn’t mean you can choose any random model without putting some thought into it. Especially if you’re investing in a portable horse barn, it’s important to factor in not only your own needs and preferences, but the needs and comfort of your horses as well.

Before you order your portable barn, stop to take these four things into consideration first:

1) Size

The biggest factor (no pun intended) to consider when purchasing a portable horse barn is size. You need a barn that’s going to provide enough space for your horses, any supplies and equipment you plan to store, and room for you to get work done. It also must be able to fit on your property without interfering with any existing structures.

2) Permits

Depending on the size of the barn you need, you may require permits from your city or neighborhood before adding it to your property. Complying with those ordinances now will save you a lot of bureaucratic headache in the long run. It’ll also ensure you won’t have to remove your barn, protect it in case of any insurance claims, and preserve the value of your property by keeping everything up to code.

3) Customization

Prefab barns typically have options for customizations when your order. Consider how you’ll be using your barn and what add-ons might be helpful for you. A few of the custom add-ons we offer at Deer Creek Structures, for example, include overhangs, interior construction materials, exterior siding, vaulted or standard ceilings, and more.

4) Delivery

Once you’ve chosen the right barn and customizations, you need to figure out the logistics of getting your new building to the right spot on your property. Consider whether onsite construction or delivery would be the best way to get your barn in place. Be sure to discuss this with the company you’re buying from, as they’ll be able to give recommendations on your best options for installation.

If you’re in the market for a portable horse barn, Deer Creek Structures offers durable, top-quality prefab barns to meet your every need. Our barns are made with hardworking American craftsmanship that is sure to last you and your animals a lifetime. We also offer a build your own barn option for those who have more specific custom needs.

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