4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Barn

Shopping for a portable horse barn is certainly an exciting experience.  Selecting a new home for your beloved horse provides owners with an opportunity to customize the barn to fit your horse’s needs, as well as provide owners with different features that will make their day-to-day care of their horse easier.  Below are 4 tips that horse owners should consider before building a barn.

1)      Space.  Perhaps the most important thing for owners to consider is space.  For openers, how much space do you need for your horse to comfortably live, and how much room do you need to maneuver to perform your tasks?  What’s more, how much room do you have to work with on your property?  Ample space is a pre-requisite for a happy horse and a happy owner.

2)      Proper documentation.  There could be city ordinances or other minor rules in your community in regards to a construction of a new barn.  Checking beforehand could save you from a bureaucratic-induced headache later down the line.

3)      Measurements.  What size run-in-shed do you need? What type of stall doors do you want, and how high should they be?  These are all questions that you will want answered, preferably with input from an expert.

4)      On-site or delivery?  Are you planning to construct the building on your property?  If so, it is imperative that property owners properly arrange a work site.  What’s more, if you are purchasing one from an out of state builder, be sure to find out more about their delivery and installation services.

As always, if you have any questions about portable horse barns, please contact the experts at Deer Creek Structures.

Posted by: Deer Creek Structures