Being Your Best Self for the Barn

Have you ever felt yourself in that midafternoon slump, wishing you could head home for a nap? If you own horses on your own property or you go to visit your horse at a barn each night, you probably sometimes find yourself exhausted long before you get there.

Luckily, there are simple and effective ways to stay energized throughout the day to prepare you to care for your horse the best you can.

Take a Bit of a Walk explained that forcing ourselves to be active, for even just a few short minutes, can help to renew our energy. Before you start caring for your horse, take a quick walk around the barn or the property before you start doing tasks that are going to require your full attention. Getting a few minutes of fresh air and increasing your heart rate will help you to feel refreshed.

Stretch It Out

If you can’t take a quick break for a short walk, stand up and stretch if you are starting to hit a slump at work before you head to the barn. Stretching your legs, arms, back, and so forth can help getting the blood moving in your body and provide you with a bit more energy. Hold each stretching pose for about 30 seconds if possible.

Listen to Music

If you can wear headphones while you’re working around the barn or turn a radio on, you could boost your energy in just a few short songs? Listening to music has been shown to boost your alertness. If you sing along, it might also help you feel awake and engaged.

Keep Hydrated

Staying energized during the day may be as simple as drinking enough water. Most people need somewhere between nine and thirteen cups of water during the day depending on how strenuous their daily activity is. Make sure to have a water bottle on you when you’re doing your rounds and keep sipping as often as possible. (In fact, keep your horses hydrated will help keep their energy level up as well!)

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