Selecting a Reputable Company

Today I wanted to touch on an article I recently read from Home Advisor.  The article is about finding the right business to do a job you need.  A summary of few key points they touched on were:

  1. Does the company have experience performing the job you are asking them to do?
  2. Are there references readily available to contact for a recommendation?
  3. How long has the company been in business for?
  4. Do they have a permanent business address?
  5. Does the business have the proper and necessary legal documents and credentials?

Home Advisor wrote this article about hiring a home contractor; however, I think it is a prudent idea to judge any company on this basic criterion before you consider doing business with them.  We work too hard for our money not to get the proper service and quality product that we deserve and value.  Doing business with a dedicated company that you can trust is not just comforting, it can also be quite gratifying.

At Deer Creek Structures, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy, family owned and Christian principled business that consistently goes above and beyond to provide an inimitable level of service to our cherished customers.   Whether you need a portable horse barn or a backyard shed built, Deer Creek Structures can guarantee that we bring an unrivaled level of dedication, experience and skilled craftsmanship to any product that we build for you.   If you would like any references, please contact us, or you can check out the flattering comments that we have received on our facebook page.  Thank you to all of our loyal customers who left comments about the projects we completed for them.  Please call us at (254) 749-5161, or visit us at 170 CR 494 S, Chilton, TX 76632 with any questions or inquiries that you may have.