The Benefits of a 12×24 Run-in Shed

Here at Deer Creek Structures, we’re always constructing new run-in sheds to provide shelter for horses all over the country. Recently, we just constructed a 12×24 run-in shed featuring large openings to let horses in and a mostly wooden construction for a natural appearance. That may sound like a large space, but when you have multiple horses, it may be difficult to tell just how much shelter you should plan on providing.

Many within the industry differ on the point of how much space a horse needs in a shed. Horses interact with each other based largely on the social pecking order they’ve established. Giving enough space to all horses in a shed so that they can stand comfortably without poor interactions with other horses is often difficult. However, a good rule of thumb is that a 12×24 shed could hold three or four houses; a 12×12 shed could hold two.

There are certain things to keep in mind when looking for a run-in shed to purchase. Although you want enough space to hold the horses, make sure that your shed is wider than it is deep. This will prevent a dominant horse in the herd from blocking the entrance from others. Anything deeper than 12 feet isn’t usually necessary.

Buying multiple sheds can also keep horses co-existing more peacefully than a single shed that’s very wide. A dominant horse will usually stick to the same shed, and with more sheds, it will reduce the number of horses that will have to share one building. This will keep confrontation low across the herd.

With the proper care and treatment, we can help the animals that we own and control live in a way that would make Him happy. We are called to treat animals with care and respect, which includes helping them live together peacefully. Giving your horses the shelter they need while considering how they live and play together is part of God’s message and our mission.