Why Do We Love Horses So Much?

Anyone that has ever owned a horse realizes what magnificent creatures that they truly are.  However, what exactly is it about horses that we love so much?  What characteristics make them our favorite animal?  Here is a list of 5 general reasons that explain why horse enthusiasts love their favorite animal so much.

1)      Beauty.  Horses are majestic creatures, thanks in large part to their conformation, color, head, tail and their beautiful/soft coats.

2)      Powerful, yet graceful.  Horses have tremendous speed and can turn that speed into power.  However, watching them run is a thing of beauty when you watch their graceful and effortless strides.  I once heard a football coach who, when asked what he looks for in a defensive back (where speed is a necessity), reply: “Calves like a horse.”   It really is amazing that they can generate so much speed with those skinny calves.

3)      Enjoyable entertainment.  Riding a horse is not only great exercise; it’s also a fun, adventurous and worthwhile skill to learn.  Also, walking a horse can be quite relaxing and a great way to clear your mind.  Additionally, it is fun to train horses and show them off to family, friends and neighbors.

4)      A sense of responsibility.  Our horses are dependent on us.  Among many things, we need to feed and clean them, provide them with care when they are sick or injured and give them proper shelter.    The responsibility of caring for a horse is quite rewarding.  Plus, who doesn’t like to feel needed?

5)      Mental getaway.  I don’t know about you, but when I look into my horses’ eyes, my worries about work, bills and other daily stresses tend to temporarily disappear.  Horses can cheer us up when we are down and teach us new things about ourselves.  A special bond with a horse is forged around trust, a trust level that only horse lovers can actually understand.

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