5 Benefits of a Run-In Shed

Today, we wanted to discuss some of the many benefits of a run-in shed.  Deer CreekStructures specializes in building custom run-in sheds in a range of different sizes.  Below are five advantages that horse owners can gain by selecting a run-in shed.

1)      They are easy to maintain. Since they aren’t as expansive as a portable barn or horse stable, a portable run-in shed will be much easier to keep clean and maintain, both on the interior and exterior.

2)      Horses can choose when they want to escape and return to their shelter.  It’s impossible for horse owners to truly know when their animals are sick of being out in the sun, or when they want to roam around.  A run-in shed provides freedom to the horses, and lets them decide when they want to be in or out of their shelter.

3)       Safety.  Run-in sheds are not much of a fire risk, providing horse owners with one less thing they need to be concerned about.

4)      A run-in shed is an economical investment.  Although a run-in shed will still offer tremendous durability, it will not cost nearly as much as a barn.  The overhead cost is low, yet you will have a worthwhile investment that your horse can use for years to come.

5)      A portable run-in shed can be moved around your property, which provides you with countless options, and it can actually improve the health of your lawn.  For example, if you encounter drainage issues, or have a few weeks of rainy weather, you can move your shed to a new spot and revive the grass it was previously situated on.  Plus, it will provide you with more options if you choose to make other changes to property, or want to build more amenities in your yard or pasture.

If you have any questions about the benefits of portable run-in sheds, or would like to inquire about one for your property, please give us a call.  We can build you a run-in shed that will fit perfectly on your property, and comfortably shelter your horse.

We would love the opportunity to work with you!